Policies, Terms & Conditions

  1. Air Conditioners: At times you may face some performance issue with the Air Conditioners due to clogging of Air Filter mesh. This can be corrected by cleaning the same. You can find the procedure in your product’s user manual or you can contact our Customer Contact Center, who can guide you through the process. This shall not be construed as a defect in the product.
    • During installation of the product, a standard installation charge is levied based on required material under normal circumstances. In case the installation requires additional material like pipes, wood logs, switches, wire, etc., it will be charged over and above the standard installation charges.
    • If the compressor and the indoor unit of the Air Conditioner are installed beyond standard distance, your Air Conditioner may require additional top-up of gas to ensure good performance. This will be on a chargeable basis.
    • Refill of gas/coolant due to physical damage or during replacement of compressor or condenser under part specific warranty period shall be on chargeable basis.
  2. Refrigerators: Usage not as per instruction manual shall be beyond the scope of warranty.
    • At times you may face some issues related with water seepage from the back of the refrigerator. This is due to improper defrosting, water evaporation or improper drainage. This can be corrected by draining the excess water. You can find the procedure in your product’s user manual or you can contact our Customer Contact Center, who can guide you through the process. This will not be construed as a defect in the product.
    • Refill of gas/coolant due to physical damage or during replacement of compressor under part specific warranty period shall be on chargeable basis.
  3. Washing Machines: The water in-let and drainage pipes of your washing machine need to be properly harnessed to ensure good product performance. The slope of the floor on which the machine is placed also plays an important role. If you face any performance issues related to the above, you need to recheck them as per your user manual. You can even contact our Customer Contact Center for guidance.
    • At times, the washing machine may make some noise due to the improper seating of the machine. You can correct it by changing the position and checking the seating of the machine. This noise may come even due to the improper placement of clothes in the washing/drying modes. You are requested to check the above before registering a repair service. The above shall not be construed as a defect in the product.
  4. Mobile Phones: Many of the Mobile Phone related issues can be solved by upgrading the firmware (if applicable). You can do so by following the procedure mentioned in the user manual or you can contact Customer Care for guidance.
    • If you face some issues with your Mobile Phone’s charging, sound through Headphones or Bluetooth Headset, etc., you are requested to carry all the accessories for a thorough check-up of both the main unit and the accessories. Sometimes, the issue may be due to the accessories which can be easily solved.
    • Before submitting your mobile phone for service, you are requested to take care of your data, settings and personal information by backing them up. When a mobile is serviced, it may lose the data/information in it. Samsung will not be responsible for loss of data/personal information and any risks that may be associated with it.
    • A third party, independent operator provides the SIM card and cellular and/or other network or system on which the Product operates. Therefore, Samsung shall not accept responsibility under this warranty for the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of the cellular or other network or system. Before the Product can be repaired or replaced, the operator may need to unlock any SIM-lock or other lock that may have been added to lock the product to a specific network or operator. Accordingly, Samsung does not accept responsibility for any delays in warranty repairs or for the inability of Samsung to complete warranty repairs that are caused by the operator’s delay or failure to unlock any SIM-Iock or other lock(s).


1. Proof of purchase is a pre-requisite to claim warranty.
2. The product should have been purchased from an Authorized Samsung Sales Dealer in Bangladesh.
3. Warranty can be claimed only if the repair was carried out by the Samsung Authorized Service Centre.
4. Carry-ln Service or In-Home service applicability depends on the product category and Samsung policy.
5. Demo of a product, if applicable, can be availed only once and within 6 months from date of purchase.
6. In case of a defective accessory, only accessory will be repaired or replaced.
7. Cosmetic/Aesthetic/Plastic/Glass Parts are not covered under warranty.
8. The defective parts/products which were replaced by Samsung under this warranty shall be the property of Samsung.
9. While carrying out repair, Samsung may use accessories or parts that are new or refurbished or reconditioned.
10. Samsung shall not be liable for any losses or consequential losses due to product failure or the installed software.
11. Samsung shall be free to decide on whether or not to provide a software-update for its products.
12. Samsung shall not be responsible for any loss or misuse of data, personal information, settings, third party software during product usage or repair or software update.
13. Samsung shall not be liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that may result from use or inability to use the product. Under no circumstances shall Samsung be liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage exceeding the purchase price of the product.
14. Defects caused by customer negligence, tampering shall void the product warranty.
15. Any extended/additional warranty offered by Samsung has to be supported by relevant proofs.
16. Usage of Power stabilizers of proper rating is necessary unless explicitly mentioned by Samsung on product literature/ instruction booklet.
17. In case of defect arising out of installation done by party other than Samsung authorized party, the limited warranty will be applicable as per revised T&C as Samsung shall deem fit.
18. Wiring or piping from and to the product are not covered in the warranty.
19. Regular upkeep, maintenance and cleaning of parts are necessary in certain products. Such periodic maintenance shall be on chargeable basis unless otherwise provided and not covered under warranty.
20. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, and spares not being available Samsung’s prevailing depreciation rules will be binding on the purchaser and same shall be considered as a commercial solution in lieu of repairs.
21 . Defects arising out of the following are not covered under warranty:
(a) Mishandling/Misuse (b) Improper ventilation (c) Improper voltage (d) Use of external material (e) Normal wear and tear (f) Physical damage and/or electrical damage caused by physical impact.
22. Complaints related to playability, printability or compatibility with external accessories, software, file systems, third party applications, CODECs, signals, Networks & ISP bandwidth shall not be considered as defect in product and are not covered under warranty.
23. The duly filled warranty card/proof of purchase is not presented to the service engineer at the time of repairs being undertaken or requested.
24. The original serial number of the product is removed, altered or obliterated from the product.
25. The product purchased is not used as per the rated power conditions or instructions mentioned in the INSTRUCTION MANUAL
26. The product is being used for commercial purpose OR if the product has been used excessively and beyond reasonable usage as permitted within the product instruction manual.
27. Site (premises where the product is used/kept) conditions that do not conform to the recommended operations of the product.
28. Defects caused due to exposure to moisture/dampness/ extreme thermal or environmental conditions or rapid changes in such conditions/ corrosions/oxidations [spillage of food/ liquid/influence of Chemical substances.
29. Defects due to causes beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, spikes, external sources (ex: cable/set top box connections), fire, water logging, natural calamities, commotion, riots, theft, anti-social actions, acts of God or while in transit.
30. Defects caused by household pets, rats, cockroaches, ants, pests, fungi or any other animals/birds/insects.
31 . Defects caused due to negligence/omission of the Purchaser on account of periodic maintenance(s)/periodic servicing as mentioned in the Instruction Manual of the product.
32. Defects caused due to usage of third party material/non Samsung Authorized Consumables.
33. Any modifications, including but not limited to, rooting attempts, reverse engineering, unlocking, jail-breaking etc. of the original firmware(s) or software(s) of the product.

Warranty Guide by Product

• Any attempt, whether willful or not, to change, after, modify, delete, the IMEI number of the phone will void the warranty.
• Supplied/by-packed accessories like headphone, USB cable, charger etc., are warranted for 6 months from date of purchase of main unit. Battery warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase of the main unit.
• Performance deterioration of consumables such as battery, which can happen due to usage of consumables not as per its usage specifications are not covered under warranty.

Instructions Related to Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment:

• The marking below on the product, accessories or literature indicates that the product and its electronic accessories (e.g. Remote, charger, headset, USB cable etc.) should not be disposed off with other household waste at the end of their working life.
• To prevent possible harm to the environment or the human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please separate these items from other types of waste and recycle them responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.
• Household users should contact either the retailer where they purchased this product, the manufacturer or their local government office, for details of where and how they can take these items for environmentally safe recycling.

Warranty Void Conditions:

The Warranty shall be null and void in any of the following cases, and in such cases Samsung may at its sole discretion repair the equipment on a chargeable basis. The decision of Samsung whether a complaint falls in any of these categories or not shall be binding on the purchaser. Defects arising out of the following are not covered under warranty:
• Mishandling/misuse/ third party repair attempts are not covered by warranty.
• Improper ventilation.
• Improper voltage.
• Use of external material.
• Normal wear and tear.
• Physical damage and/or electrical damage caused by physical impact.
• Warranty shall be void if product has failed under certain conditions/types (Example: water logging, misuse, physical damage by pressure etc.).


This warranty not applicable in any of the following cases:
1. The completed warranty card is not presented to the service engineer at the time of repair being undertaken/ requested.
2. Defects caused by the improper use, as determined by the authorized service center/company personnel.
3. Modification or alteration of any nature made in the circuitry by the purchaser or unauthorized personnel, as determined by the company personnel.
4. The original warranty card and purchase documents are not produced at the time of service request.
5. Any rewriting on warranty card or invoice copy

Other Brand ( Hitachi, Panasonic, Transtec, Whirlpool, Daikin, Black & Decker, Sanford)

commitment towards customer service. For ensuring commitment & customer’s satisfaction, our company has deliberated “100% Quality Assurance & service Excellency” through two steps solution as below:

Step-1: Quality Assurance (1 to 1 replacement within 7 days): If any product found manufacturing fault which is beyond repair within 7 (Seven) days from the actual date of product purchase than company shall directly replace 1 to 1 basis following below mentioned terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Company authorized technical person shall validate the claim through physical inspection of the product
2. Only for manufacturing fault which is beyond repair shall be applicable for such replacement (any aesthetic/Accessories related claim shall not be eligible)
3. Original Proof of purchase (Valid Warranty Card & Cash Memo/Invoice) should be submitted
4. Aesthetic condition of the product should be okay, original accessories and Carton need to be preserved carefully
5. In case of non-availability of same product/model; alternate product/model(s) at same price range or higher (by paying additional payment) will be offered.

Step-2: Standard After Sales Free Warranty Services In the second steps, Company shall provide standard for sales warranty services (as per warranty declaration) which are;
1. Transcom Electronics Limited- Customer Service Department has own Call Center facility with dedicated agents to ensure one point & one call solution (Help Line No. 16212 or 09613700700). System automated Technician schedule SMS should ensure to customer within an hour from job Registration time. (From 9:00 AM to 9:00pm)
2. TouchPoint/Standard Call Center Service: Considering customer comfort, the company has established service “Touch Point” facilities with all of Transcom Digital Retail Outlets across the country.
3. Home Call Service: TAT-1-2 Days (Within 48 hours) Having Home Call Service facilities within the Dhaka/Chittagong Metropolitan City & District Head Quarter areas particularly for Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Hi-End TVs, Home Theater & CTVs-above 21”
4. Workshop Service: TAT-3-5 Days Workshop service is also available other then Hi-end products across the country (Districts Head Quarter level)
5. Free Pick-up & Drop service (within 1 year of purchase) Providing pick-up and drop facilities within the Dhaka/Ctg. Metropolitan City areas & District Head Quarters for Hi-End products like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Hi-End TV & CTVs-above 21”
6. Backup product support service: Case-to-case basis backup product support service is also available for Dhaka/Ctg. Metropolitan City areas subject to delay service (above 15 days from the date of Job received) due to some unavoidable circumstances specifically product like Refrigerator, Freezer, Hi-End TV, Home Theater & CTV-21” & Above
7. 90 days Repairing Guarantee Service: 90 days paid repairing guarantee free service is available from the date of service delivery subject to “if the same problem happens within the 90 days” for same reason from the date of service delivery.
8. Exchange Offer Service: Transcom Electronics Limited has been providing “Exchange Offer” service of electronics/appliances product for any of interested customer for their convenience. Under exchange offer, any of interested customers can exchange their old/defective electronics product and get new one against exchange product.

* Above services are eligible for all of Transcom Digital, Dealer network & corporate clients.

Laptop ( Dell, HP)

Laptop Warranty & Service Guideline

  • We cannot specifically mention how much time is required to complete the repair for the product taken under warranty. It may take 4 to 5 days or may more than 45 days to complete the repairing process. The reason is we may have to import the required components, if needed.
  • If the serial/sticker of the product is partially or completely removed or damaged, it will no longer be able to claim warranty.
  • The warranty will not be valid for Motherboards and processors with one or more partially or completely damaged pins.
  • Fungus or rust on the mainboard, graphics card, and RAM will void the warranty for the particular part or device.
  • Service center will set the charges, in consent with the customer, for any services that are not covered by warranty.
  • Warranty will not be valid for any damages caused by unwary usage, water, free fall, and fire. Warranty will not be valid if the customer opens and tries to open the product on his/her own.
  • Service center will not take any responsibility for any loss of data or software during the servicing period. The same policy applies in case of any loss of data or software at the hand of the user. In this case, Service center will not be responsible for restoring or reinstalling any data or software.

Dhaka Service Contact Point:

  • 1000fix Services Ltd
    586/1, (4th & 5th Floor) Begum Rokeya Sarani, Shewrapara, Mirpur
    1216 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.
  • Or Email us at: estore@transcomdigital.com