Policies & Terms and Conditions


Country of origin– Country of Origin represents the country or countries of manufacture, production, design, or brand origin, where a product comes from.

Country of Manufacture- Country of Manufacture represents the country where the product is manufactured under license or patent from the parent company.

Brand origin– Brand Origin is defined as the country, region, or place that a brand comes from or belongs to. For example, the brand “Hitachi” originates from Japan, which means it was originally produced in Japan.

Product Origin– Product Origin is the country or place in which the product is manufactured. It differs from Brand Origin in the sense that the product’s manufacture may be outsourced to a country that is different from the country, the brand originates from.

Country of Assembly– Country of Assembly is the country where the majority of a product’s assembling takes place. For instance, despite the brand originating from South Korea, only approximately 8 percent of Samsung phones are made in South Korea. Most Samsung phones are assembled in Vietnam.

Information on Our Site


Transcom Digital offers a range of products and the products listed on our website are available online solely through Transcom Digital. Availability of these products depend on the stock and the return and exchange of these products are subject to our Return and Replacement Policy, which you will find under our Web Order Policy.


Transcom Digital offers no additional warranties beyond the warranties given by original brand and product or inscribed in the description of the individual product or model. Transcom Digital holds the right to make orderly changes in the warranty of specific products or models.

Photography Disclaimer

Transcom Digital ensures continuous efforts to be as precise as conceivable in showing the product visually correct and in its original color. However, product color and visible size may sometimes vary slightly due to your monitor/screen settings. We cannot guarantee that the product will look exactly like the image you see on your screen. If a product from Transcom Digital is not as described, your only remedy is to return it unused by fulfilling all the conditions as per our Return and Replacement Policy.


Transcom Digital reserves the authority to restrict the sale of its products to any person or geographical area in Bangladesh, at any time. We hold the right to imply this authority on a case-by-case basis as well.  Any description of products or pricing can be changed at any time without notice, at our sole discretion. Transcom Digital holds the right to discontinue any product at any moment in time.

Product Review

The following rules & regulation apply to customer review. Please read them out:

  • You must create an account on our website to leave a review.
  • Please leave a review for a product only if you have used it.
  • Transcom Digital reserves the right to remove any of your reviews.
  • We may restrict or remove any reviews containing abusive or offensive language
  • We may remove any misleading or spam comments as we see fit.
  • Please note that, if your comment or review was removed, it was because it goes against our company guidelines and policy.